small plates

ethnic root vegetable chips with black truffle cremini mushroom dip       6

fried green tomatoes with roasted bell pepper sauce and goat cheese       7

miniature southern-style crab cakes topped with remoulade, served over sweet potato nettle       9

thai chicken wonton tacos, wok-seared in a soy sherry sauce       7

smoked duck on a thin crust pizza with fig jam, caramelized onion, dark blue cheese       8

calamari french fries with roasted garlic tomato sauce and red pepper sauce       9

mezze trio of dips, including sundried tomato hummus, cremini, and lentil, with naan and chips 8

cornflake-crusted fried chicken tenders with shoestring fries and grained cider honey mustard       8


bell pepper, tomato, and fresh basil, soaked in balsamic vinegar, over torn greens, topped with parmesan       8

baby spinach, raspberry vin, seasonal fresh and dried berries, goat cheese, sweet spicy pecans  8

heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar       9

antipasti greek salad , cured and fresh vegetables, feta, parmesan, greens, red wine vinegar       8

classic caesar salad, asiago frico chip, center-cut romaine hearts, tomatoes, aged parmesan  8


california roll, smoked salmon, crab roll, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese       9

tempura shrimp roll, pickled daikon, cucumber and bell pepper       9

large plates

bourbon-glazed 6 oz. salmon filet cooked a heavy medium, grits, malanga nettle       19

korean bbq-glazed local beef chuck roast, braising vegetables       16

soy dijon-roasted, bone-in, skin-on HRF chicken breast, apple cider greens       16

smoked paprika-seared pork tenderloin, roasted apples, savory peach sauce       16

aged local beef tenderloin, potato mash, sweet potato nettle   6 oz. 27  |  10 oz. 38

fried 6 oz. maine lobster tail with shoestring fries, grained cider honey mustard one  21        two  39

6 oz. sea bass filet seared in extra virgin olive oil, herbs and citrus, on a bed of grilled vegetables  34


local stone-ground grits, aged cheddar, butter, cream       5

apple cider-braised greens       5

grilled carrot and broccoli, buttermilk ranch       6

roasted butternut squash gratin, aged gruyere cheese, thyme       6

fresh herb and garlic-roasted vegetable medley  6

mini twice-baked creamer potato, asiago and chive, crusted with panko bread crumbs       5

shoestring french fries topped with grated parmesan and black truffle oil       6


miniature dessert sampler, chef’s choice       9